About Michael McDermott

Michael McDermott is a singer/songwriter from Chicago. He has been recording music since 1991. When he brole into the music scene, he was quickly hailed by music critics as the next Dylan and/or Springsteen for his blend of rootsy folk-rock.

The images and cast of characters that McDermott weaves into each song never fails to shine light on our triumphs, insecurities and hopes for redemption.

Today, Michael has a grin on his face and a sparkle in his eye. He wears a beat up old hat, with a beat up old heart, but he just got a new lease on life and there might've been a devil involved. The interruptions on his way to happiness are reminders of near self-destruction and the consequence of bad decisions. McDermott has seen a lot and knows that the world just keeps spinning and the sun will indeed come up sooner than he's ready for it to. He is at peace with that.

Join us here at Michael McDermott Radio for that journey.

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