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We can be reached by phone, fax or email.

Our Toll-Free Phone number is :
1-855-MM Radio (1-855-667-2346)

Standard Phone : 1-206-426-7016

Fax : 1-516-723-0169

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About Us

We would love to hear from you with any suggestions to make Michael McDermott Radio better !  Like you, we are fans of this fantastic artist. After not hearing him on local radio, we decided to create our own station, where we control what happens !

We have all of the music offered on Michael's official website
with links to buy the songs on Michael's website. If you hear a song or complete album, please show your support and purchase it.

We also play the music that Michael has released on his "Monday Morning Madness" part of his website. These are songs that can be purchased individual from his site.

We also play songs off his live albums that either are not available anymore, or never were available. We have outtakes and studio stuff that has never been
released "officially".  Where we get this stuff - we will never tell ! You will catch them all on Michael McDermott Radio, where we play Michael's music 24/7.

We also will play complete albums in their entirety. So check the schedule and see when we play them. In the future, we hope to play complete concerts and interview the Man himself !

Again, please give us your feedback - good and bad. We assume that you are fans like us and we want to present what we all want to hear.

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