Pick 3 McD

Have you ever wanted to hear yourself on the radio and know that your voice is being heard around the world? Have you ever wished that you could hear 3 of your
favorite songs from Michael McDermott in a row?

How about combining both and calling in to Michael
McDermott Radio and introducing your top 3 songs from Michael?

Here's How to Do It !!

1) Pick out your 3 favorite Michael McDermott songs!
2) Call or email Michael McDermott Radio and follow the format below.
3) Tell everyone you know that you are a Guest DJ on MM radio.
4) Listen for yourself and your picks on the radio!

Format to use when Calling or Emailing

1) State your name and location.
2) Tell any story or memory of a McD concert, or what his music has meant to you, what you were doing when you heard one of your "Pick 3 McD" songs, or a message for Michael, etc.
3) Tell us what 3 songs we are about to hear.

Example :  Hi, this is John Smith from St. Louis, Missouri. I have been a fan of Michael for over 12 years. I was hooked the first time a friend played "Wounded" for me, as I was going through some tough times and the lyrics really hit home.

My "Pick 3 McD" are : "Wounded", "So Am I" and "20 Miles South of Nowhere".

When Will I Hear It ?

Send us an email if you would like to know the day and approximate time you will be the DJ. We will try to get it on a couple of times.

Give us a couple of days to get it played.

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